Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Chinese New Year - Family Reunion Dinner "Sek Fan"

Your family & you - A nice,touching ans meaningful video for sharing this CNY

One of the best practices in the Chinese culture is the Annual Reunion Dinner on the eve of the CNY when children wherever they are make special efforts to be physically reunited with their parents and siblings after a year of work,toil and all sorts of problems.It is like the birds returning to their nests and the feeling of that reunion meeting is wonderful and beyond words can describe.It is not just the meal but the sacrifice made to be with parents and siblings and the joy in cherishing the good old innocent days which no money can buy.

It is great that such a practice has become a norm in all communities in the country and the "balik kampung" concept has become such a wonderful culture for all races.

Unfortunately with a materialistic and technologically sophisticated society,this practice is losing its real meaning and may even be fading away as we become more preoccupied with our own lives.In this process at times we become more selfish and have no time for our siblings and even our parents.

As children we must do our best to preserve this culture of ''reunion" at least once a year and if possible more frequently on a smaller scale as time permits.

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