Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Pakatan ready to rule?

With the 13GE looming and the opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) making inroads into BN strongholds, question in the minds of people is whether the loose coalition comprising PKR,PAS and DAP is ready to rule the country if it succeeds in taking over the federal government. This particularly so considering that the three parties have totally contrasting ideologies. Many opinions have been expressed by various people including political observers in and outside the country. Well people are entitled to their opinion but how can you gauge one of his or her capability if not given a chance to do so?

Similarly how can we know the capability of PR if not given the chance to rule and prove itself? Similar doubts were raised before 2008 but since then PR has proven it is capable especially in Penang and Selangor, the two richest states in the country.

Pakatan may not be in ideal situation and I am sure its leaders know that but it is the only choice we have today to bring the necessary changes to take the nation forward in today’s highly competitive and borderless world. Like in all other enterprises we have to take a calculated risk to bring change for the better. We are convinced Umno-BN cannot bring that change anymore because of its internal resistance, a consequence of allowing one man to rule for too long.

The Pakatan state governments in Penang and Selangor have proved that if given a chance people of good intent can rule reasonably well, at least they will not do major harm to the system that is already corrupt to the core. Even Kedah and Kelantan may be less robust in their development but we don't have any major misappropriation of the states' wealth and the people's money.

The question in every voter's mind should be whether Umno-led BN government of 55 years  and wide experience be able to get the nation out of the massive corruption, racism and abuse of power. If they are genuinely convinced that only Umno-BN can get them out of all these socioeconomic predicaments then they are free to go ahead and vote for them. Those who are unconvinced, it is time they look for an alternative and at present they only available have Pakatan,despite all its shortcomings and inexperience.

Whatever it may be, the people must bear in mind that the opportunity for change that they have today may not come by for another few decades if they let this chance elude them now. The time has come for Malaysians to make the all-important decision and we hope they will do with great maturity, wisdom and discern.
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