Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day 2012

  Let’s unite across our divide
Today Malaysians from Eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak  and their fellow citizens from the peninsula states commemorate and important day in their history – Malaysia day, the day Malaysia was born 49 years ago on September 16, 1963.

Although we were officially one nation but far too long we were divided not only physically by the vast South China Sea but in almost every aspect of our lives, culture, language, religion and even in our thoughts. In fact we have been and continue to be strangers to one another despite being citizens of one nation. 

This scenario of divisiveness must change for the better. Citizens from across the divide may have their differences but as Malaysians they must unite to exert their rights to determine their common destiny as a nation. Half a century of divide and rule is a long time, during which they have lost many of their rights and cherished dreams in their Motherland that is blessed with vast natural resources. It is time for them to unite and harness the power of that unity to fight for their rights and justice for all. Their destiny is their own hands and not in the hands of their political leaders who come and go. It is in unity can their regain their losses.

Let's unite, Malaysians from west and east, to create a better Malaysia for all, regardless of race and creed. Let's vote with the wisdom bestowed upon us by the Almighty for change, a change that will bring about the dawn of a new Malaysia, where its   people of diverse cultures and believes can walk tall and proud to call themselves ‘anak Malaysia.’

 Happy 49th Birthday Malaysia.

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