Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stop violence before its too late

Police must act fairly to stop violence at ceramah

Of late there has been a number of Pakatan ceramahs that have been disrupted by violent untoward incidents by youths on motorcycles and throwing stones and eggs at the crowds at these ceramah.There were attempts to forcefully stop opposition leaders on the roads from going for their ceramah that were sheduled with police approval. Who are these youths and what are their grouses? Why they only pick on ceramah of opposition parties? Are they doing it on their own free will or are they being instigated and supported by some other parties? Why is the police not coming hard on them as they are obviously breaking the law?

Nobody seems to know who they are although everybody assumes that they are Umno-aligned which many in Umno-BN and even its president himself denies. Who will be brave enough to throw stones and eggs and even mount illegal road blocks at opposition rallies if they do not have the blessings of the powers-that-be? 

This culture of "samseng rule" goes against the fundamental principles of democracy which gives the people the power to choose the party to form the government. It must be stopped immediately otherwise it will take away the power of the vote. If such violence is allowed to go on unchecked, it would lead to chaos and disaster which is the last think all Malaysians want. The task to enforce law and order rests solely on the police who must rise above politics to ensure the law and order is maintained at all costs. The police must come hard on those who resort to violence, regardless of who they may be or which political party they belong.  

By witnessing what is going it is extremely sad that our police fails to fulfill the expectations of the people as it appears to be not politically neutral. The only way out for the people is to come hard on the ruling party which appears to be defying all norms just to stay in power. Getting them out of power is the only way to save our nation from "Thug rule" which if allowed continuing will destroy the nation after which we can never recover.

The time to take a stand on the many political developments in the country is near at hand, the latest being the series of violent provocations at opposition ceramahs. Malaysians cannot afford to remain silent anymore but commit to put right the many wrongs. It is now or never. Let’s say "NO" to the continued destruction of the nation. Let’s go out in full force to vote and vote wisely. 

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