Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother’s day 2012

Sacrificing our likes for her happiness

It is customary for us on Mother’s day to recall the sacrifices of our mother and show our love and gratitude for all she has done for us.  It is undeniable that our mothers have done a lot for our well-being and success and it is only fitting and right to pay tribute to this wonderful woman in our lives.

For a change this Mother’s day it may be appropriate to ponder on what are doing to reciprocate the boundless love of our mother for us. How much do we really value her sacrifice for us? Is the love between us is just one sided, from mother to children or is it mutual? Are we willing to sacrifice a little of our likes for the sake of our mother? If so how willing are we to do that? Our mother loved us unconditionally but is our love for is also unconditional or do we impose conditions to show that love?

        Son carrying mother to hospital

Recently I came across an inspiring story of a 62 year old man in China carrying his ailing and aged mother in his arms to a hospital. On being asked he simply said, ''When I was small, she carried me; when she grow old, I carry her''. These words of this man touched the hearts of many who described his action as "An incredible in today's world." The action of this son may be an extreme example of filial piety which we tend to write off as impractical; nevertheless it is an eye opener for many who take their mothers for granted. 
This Mother’s Day instead of recalling the sacrifices our mother had done for us, let us see what we can sacrifice for her happiness and comfort. Let us reflect on what we can do to show our love and concern for our mothers as they grow old and lonely, especially if our fathers are not around anymore. 

It is not enough to take her out for a meal, buy expensive gifts and clothes on  Mother’s Day which just comes once a year. It is not food, money or gifts that she needs but love, attention and above all our time and physical presence. Our mere presence alleviates her fear and anxiety of aging and gives her tremendous hope and courage.

One of the greatest virtues that our mothers treasure is our obedience. As children we had absolute obedience to our mother as we depended fully on her at that time. However as we grow older and become independent adults our obedience to her becomes less and conditional as we obey only those that are favourable to us. When she disapproves with what we like and want, we tend to defy her causing much pain which endures in silence that we tend not to see as we are busy with our own lives. 

 I realise that my own mother at 82 years, is very happy whenever I consult her for some major decisions. She is happier still when I change my decision if she disagrees with me. The happiness that she gets by my obedience is far greater than all the money, food, gifts and comforts I can give her.

As we celebrate this Mother’s day let us reflect whether we are doing anything that hurts our mother. Let us reflect on whether we are treading the wrong path that is making her sad. Let us reflect to see what we can do on this day and the days to come to make her a little happy. Let us submit to her wishes   out of respect and gratitude in whatever way we can.

It may be timely to ask ourselves when was the last time we visited our mother? When was the last time we spent some quality time with her? When was the last time we really sat down and chatted with her like we used to do when we were younger? If we cannot recall any of these, then we have some serious catching up to do with our mother on this Mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day

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