Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tribute to Lim Kit Siang

Tribute to Lim Kit Siang

(70th Birthday 20 February 2011)

Evert since my childhood I only knew one opposition leader, that is you.

I did not know then why you were called Mr. Opposition but I know now it was your courage to stand up for justice in our society.

I did not understand then why they labeled you a racist and troublemaker but I know now that it is the ‘reward’ righteous people get for their uncompromising stand against injustice and abuse of power

Despite all the forces arrayed against you and even incarcerated in jail with your son you stood firm to your principles, an attribute so rare in politicians today.

Your sacrifices have paid you today where there is hope for realizing your vision for a truly Malaysian nation in the near future, as the flame of liberation that you have ignited will gain intense in the years to come.

All right-thinking Malaysians, regardless of ethnicity, salute a great man like you who had stood steadfast to your principles in the fight for justice through thick and thin all your life.

You did not buckle under pressure from the mighty powers arrayed against you but only got stronger with every blow you received.

You are truly a great Malaysian whose resilience and courage had touched the hearts of all who yearn for justice.

You may be 70 but the nation is at the crossroads and still needs your steering hand

We pray that God bless you with health and strength to lead us in OUR struggles for a just and united Malaysia, A Malaysia where all citizens can live together as equal and proud Malaysians.

Sir, you may not see us physically behind you but be rest assured we will all be there with you at the right time - the 13GE when together we will help to realise the dawn of a new Malaysia.

Happy Birthday and May God Bless you & your family

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chKua said...

well said dr. God Bless

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