Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oppostion heads S'gor PAC

Opposition equally important in a democratic system

The appointment an opposition state assemblyman to head the Selangor Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is a historic one worthy of praise. In fact the appointment of BN assemblyman for Sungai Burung, Datuk Shamsudin Lias as the head of the PAC is unprecedented and should serve as an example for others to follow. Such an appointment would go a long way to promote the check and balance that is vital in a democratic system of governance. It would also be a boost for the formation of a two- party system that Malaysians envisage for the nation.

The state government should go one step further to increase the number of opposition members in the powerful PAC for a better check and balance and enforcing discipline among state assemblymen as the representatives of the people. Indiscipline and irresponsible behavior should never be taken lightly especially among the representatives of the people.

Will the other legislative assemblies follow the example of the Selangor State assembly has yet to be seen. Parliament should take the lead in appointing an opposition MP as its PAC chairman and more opposition members into the committee to make it more effective in checking abuses by the ruling party regardless who that may be.

The ruling and opposition parties are equally important in any system that practices democracy. To the rakyat it does not matter who rules the country provided the party that is elected fulfills the aspirations of the people by formulating and implementing better socio-economic policies, fighting corruption, eradicating poverty and providing a just government that is people-friendly and fair to all. To fulfill these aspirations it is essential for the ruling and opposition parties to work together by pooling their resources to provide their best for the people.

The party in power should not see the opposition as a hindrance but as comrades in their service to the people. It must give importance to the opposition to enhance the check and balance in the administration. History as shown that any government in power for too long will tend to abuse its powers to some extent and it is with a strong opposition this abuse can be minimized at all levels.

As such the opposition should be encouraged and its role facilitated not hampered if the government is serious in its efforts to combat the various ills that plague us, especially corruption which has become the highly malignant cancer in our society.

The high-handed police action against Opposition leaders and other forms of persecution of them is uncalled-for and undemocratic. The people’s maturity and intelligence must not be underestimated and their patience should be tested too long. They know what is right and wrong and will not hesitate to act to reject the wrongs at the right time.

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