Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tribute to Uncle George

Uncle George Anthony's 90th birthday
(3 June 2010)

Dear Uncle George

I had known you since I was school boy, following you on hospital visitation as a young legionary. You were a God sent guide, as it were these visits to sick that inspired me to become a doctor. I salute you for that uncle.

Your perpetual smile and cheerfulness is God’s greatest gift which many are denied. I have never seen you angry or sad under whatever circumstances. God took away your only daughter and then your wife but still you remain cheerful to this day, a sign of your unshakable faith in Him.

Your great sense of gratitude touched me as today even our own children whom we love so much fail us when we need them most. Your gratitude for the little attention we gave you was revealed in the numerous letters which you sent us.

Your relationship your with your late wife taught me an important lesson in life about true love. We still remember what you said a few years ago when she was still with you, “true love begins when we grow old; I think I love my wife more than I first met her”. These words reminds us that love, contrary to what we think, never fades, it only grows with time.

In a world where marriage is not sacred anymore and divorce so rampant, your endless love for your wife even after she had left you is indeed a wonder.
Some people make the world a better place by just being in it and undeniably you are one of them. On this 90th birthday we wish that the Lord gives you many more years of healthy and memorable life.



Dr. Chris Anthony

“It is not money, gifts or food that we need. All we ask for is the love of fellow humans to spare some time for elderly people like us who are so lonely” - Uncle George

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DrRaj said...

Chris, Thankfulness is a lost art. Thank you for showing us how thank our elders for what we are today. Raj

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