Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We just celebrated father’s day last Sunday and this marks the 100th year of the declaration of the day dedicated to honour our fathers. To some it may be an unpleasant reminder of the tyrannous attitude of their fathers who was the cause of turmoil in the family. However to the majority it would have been a day of joyous celebrations to thank their fathers for all that he has done for them.

To those like me,whose fathers may not be around,let's treasure and cherish:

1.E moment he spent with us
2.Every principle he stood for in life
3.Every sacrifice he made to make us what we are today

He may be gone but his memories must continue live in us in everything we do and say.

Those who are fortunate to still have your fathers with you, remember to spend every minute you can spare for him with love and respect. Your children are watching every thing you are doing to him, good or bad. Never say or do anything that you will regret later as that would be too late.

To those father who are hurt and neglected by your children,let's face the challenge with courage and hope.

God will never let us down if we continue to do the right thing with great love and faith.


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Anonymous said...

i feel jealous of those who have a father to shield them during their years of growth.
i am in particular born to a blind father and an illiterate mother. the marriage was prearranged without my mother's knowledge that her future husband is blind.
we were born w/o parental care, financial support and guidance. Imagine the trauma of being called a blind man's son.
so what kind of father's day are we talking about. I practically grow up on my own blood and sweat...grinding thro and even finishing post graduate on my own sweat and blood. Now that they are old, i instead have to lend support to them.
so those of you who had parental support, please appreciate them.
i did not ask to be born...

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