Sunday, January 03, 2010

The fight over God's name ungodly

God is God whatever name we call Him.

The recent High Court verdict on the use of "Allah" caused a a controversy that may turn ugly if not handled with care.

It calls for tolerance,goodwill and a logic mind among Malaysians off all faith.They must not rush into rash actions that they will regret later.

If one truly believes in God then he/she should stop this fight to own the name to call Him.Allah,Tuhan, Lord or whatever it may be,does it matter to Him whom we consider Almighty and all merciful?

God is God whatever name we call Him.

Let's put this issue to rest once and for all and continue to do what God really wants to - spread His love and goodwill to ALL regardless of race or creed.

If we do the right thing God will always be on our side regardless what we call Him.

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Anonymous said...

Dont be ignorant Chris. You people only think if Malaysia as being made up of West Malaysia. Malaydia include Sabah and Sarawak. We the native here whom are the majority are Christian. We have been using allah taala dince before Malaysia. If we cannot use sllah practising our faith now it sffects our rights and culture. If the Malays cannot respect our rights, belief and culture as gusranteed by the Federal Constitution, why should Malaydia exist? The federal constitution is the reasonns Sabah and Sarawak is in Mslsysia.If the federal constitution cannot guarantee our way of life, dissolve Malaysia.

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