Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mother’s Day 2009

Mother – a source of strength,inspiration and solace

Mother’s day is again just around the corner(May 10) and many of us may have great plans to celebrate the occasion with our mothers. We may be planning to give her expensive gifts, banquets and trips to places of interest. The whole idea behind all these elaborate celebrations is to make our mother happy and reassure her that we care for her. It is a noble intention that we should all cherish for a person who deserves every bit of our gratitude.

It is sad that for some of us it is the only day we spend some time with her as we are all busy with managing our own families with all the attendant problems. We forget that our mother is part and parcel of our family not just in times of happiness but more so at times of difficulties and pain.

Very often we are very generous with what our mother needs least, food and money but extremely miser with what she needs most, love and time. These are more difficult to part with especially in the fast moving competitive world where every minute is so precious.

Our mothers brought us up to what we are today hoping that one day we will be successful and happy in our own lives, with good health, prosperity and peace. It is this happiness in our lives that bring them their own joy and satisfaction. It is time for us to reflect to see whether we are truly giving her the real happiness that she yearns for by living up to her expectations. Many among us ignore her pleas and keep doing what is against her wishes without realizing the adverse consequences of our deeds.

In a world driven by materialism, lust and greed, the mother, particularly the old and infirm, may seem irrelevant but we will be sadly mistaken if we ignore the love and advice of our mother, however irrelevant she may appear to be. All wise men of the past seem to concur that a man who does not please his mother it whatever he does will never find true happiness in his own life. All these great men cannot be wrong, can they?

At an advanced age and in their loneliness, our actions of going against our mother’s wishes would be the most painful experience for her to endure. All we need to do is to consult and obtain her blessings for the many major decisions in our lives; our marriage, carreer,health and care of our children. A effects of a mother’s blessing should not be underestimated as it is priceless and goes a long way to bring success in whatever we undertake without even we being aware of it.

No wonder the mother is the most revered person throughout the history of mankind. Mothers are revered and adored, showered with affection, shown great respect and she is held in high esteem in all cultures. In fact Islam teaches that “Paradise is at the feet of mothers” and Hindus regard her as a goddess of love. A Jewish Proverb says “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”
Our mother may be advanced in age, infirm and be of no use to us anymore but nevertheless she remains a symbol of moral support, strength and solace for us in times of trials and tribulations in life. We may not realize this important source of inspiration and strength until they leave us for good when it will be too late to regret..

On this Mother’s day, amidst all our celebrations let us take special pains to make our mother happy by doing what pleases her. Let us repay our gratitude to this special person who had sacrificed her life for the love of us, her children. Let us go back to her for every major decision in our lives, like we used to do when we were helpless kids. Our mother is a wonderful creation of God for whom love for her children has made her sacrifices a pleasure.

Dr.Chris Anthony
May 3, 2009

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