Friday, May 08, 2009

Half-time score 2-0

Let's wait patiently for the finals in 2013

In the Perak match The score now is 2-0 in favour of BN against PR.BN scored the first goal through top striker Datuk Seri Najib in February.The second goal was scored yesterday by Datuk Seri Zabry with the help of imported striker Ganesan.PR goalkeeper Siva was carried out injured.

On Monday,most malaysians expect the score to be 3-0,the third being scored in the courts.

All goals were skilfuuly executed with the help of spectators-the police and civil servants.The general public forcefully kept out of the stadium.

However the final will be in 2013 when the rakyat hope to successfully convert all 5 penalty kicks to win by 5-0.Pakatan must train as a team for the finals,consolidating the ties among them.So let's all practice hard day and night.

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