Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paying more for improving dedication

Creating a more cordial public-police relationship

It was indeed a proud day for our police force as it celebrated the 200th.Police Day with pomp and fanfare. As Malaysians we too would like to share in their pride and jubilation as we show our gratitude of our policemen and women for their dedication to ensure our well being and security at all times.

The Inspector-General Tan Sri Musa Hassan must be commended for initiating a series of actions towards the revamp of the police force. He has pledged to fight crime and to raise the standard of the police force with better-qualified people by investing in human capital. He has also initiated moves to ensure a force that has more integrity, competence and accountability in carrying out its responsibilities.

All Malaysians would agree that the increase in pay as proposed for the police would be justified if they strive to implement these changes as envisaged by the IGP.Definitely a higher salary would improve the morale among the members of the force and that could translate into a more effective, efficient and more people friendly police force.

An incorruptible police force dedicated to the welfare of the rakyat is what the nation needs especially at a time when public confidence in it is on the decline due to the irresponsible actions of a few black sheep. It must be stressed time and again that the safety of the people must be foremost in the hearts and minds of the members of the police and that must be the primary guiding force for all their activities.

As responsible members of the public we are duty bound give full cooperation to facilitate the work of the police in our own areas. In return the police authorities must make available the means for our feedback and communication with them. A cordial public-police relationship is of utmost importance for the well being of all.

Fighting crime is not the duty of the police alone. Every citizen, regardless of race, creed or sex, has a definite role in this national duty. Opportunities must be given for all dedicated young Malaysians to be recruited into the police force to join in this fight to free our nation from these criminals. No eligible youngsters should be denied this opportunity to display his patriotism in dedicating his life to serve the nation.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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