Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Indians must work to discard self-pity and restore self-pride>>

There is more to suicide than movies

Suicide is highest among the Indians in Malaysia.Our top Indian politicians attribute it to the influence of Tamil movies and have called for the banning of these movies.It may have some truth but not the whole truth.

Believing that censoring these scenes alone will prevent suicide among the Indian community is being too naïve and simplistic. The Indians have been progressively marginalized from the national development. Their over dependence on government handouts and subsidies have left them lagging behind in all fields. They are left behind in education and vocational training.

As a result job opportunities are limited and unemployment is becominga serious problem. Poverty is an inevitable accompaniment of unemployment. Unemployment especially among the youth contributes to theincreasing crime rate among them.

Our wrong attitude to life is further reflected in the high incidence of diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart attacks which to me are mere signs of laziness and complacency. When we have become too lazy to even take care of our own health, how can we progress as a community in this fast moving materialistic global world?

Promoting our cultural and religious values are praiseworthy butover emphasis on these have resulted in the community losing out on mastering English and thereby the acquisition of valuableknowledge in science, technology, accounting and business management.

More time and energy should be put into the pursuit of knowledgein modern scientific, technological, accounting and management skillsas> only these will ultimately bring progress to uplift our socio- economic status.

The MIC has a lot of work to do to prevent more suicides in the Indian community. The socio-economic status must be improved. This can only be done by effecting a change the mindset, instilling discipline, encouraging hard work and self esteem among themembers of the community.

Only if we are willing to change our mindset, can we rise up to face the new realities and challenges in life, we are not going tosucceed.

Dr.Chris Anthony


Hello there,

A well written article and I should add in one point:We Indians need to start taking own initiatives in progressing inlife.Stop blaming on the media, politicians and etcetera. Use thetime and energy in helping ourselves instead of indulging in self-pity.Indians should get up and face the adventures of life and notresort to suicide.Remember: Life is too short to mourn over losses. N GOD will onlyhelp those who help themselves.


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James said...

This article is well rewritten and the poverty cycle and mind set need to be broken for the poor Indian.Education and striving for excellence is the key to changing the paradiagm. Indian communities leaders and captains of Industries should set up networking association to training and guide their younger generation.

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