Monday, August 10, 2015

DSAI marks 68th birthday in prison


 Victory may be near at hand

Today Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's 68 birthday and unfortunately he celebrates it in prison. He has been in jail for the last 182 days, since 10 February 2015.

Despite his incarceration in jail at the age of 68 and with major medical ailments, he has still not given up his fight against what he strongly believes in - against corruption, injustice and abuse of power. After 182 days of solitary confinement, he remains strong and determined to fight on, a battle that many felt may be futile. However the recent political developments in the country gives some hope that his fight may finally bear fruits.

He could have taken the easy way out and spend his last days happily with his family in the comforts of his home but he chose to go to prison instead in defense of his principles, a rare commodity especially among politicians today.

Anwar  may be behind bars but the flame he had ignited continues to burn even more ferociously outside. The people are awakened and are beginning to rise to fight corruption, abuse of power and injustice, the very evils he fought when he was outside.

As peace loving citizens we thank him for his courage and inspirations and may God bless him with the strength and good health to endure his ordeal. 

Happy birthday DSAI, please stay strong and healthy as victory is near.

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