Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The crucial Permatang Pauh by-election

Pakatan win  needed to send clear message

Tomorrow,7 may 2015, in the D-day for voters of Permatang Pauh as they go to the polls to send a clear message to the BN government of PM Najib and his cabinet.What message they will send is not certain but we hope they will send a strong message that all is not well with the people on the ground.

Cost of living has reached levels beyond the means of the majority of Malaysians.The recently introduced GST has made matters worse for them,the financial mismanagement of the government has reached unbelievable heights.The abuse of power where ordinary citizens,respected activists and even elected representatives are being arrested and abused by the police for legitimate opposition to the government.Rule of law is under severe threat as fears of a lawlessness is becoming more and more real with every passing day.

The interracial and inter-religious peace and tolerance that we had built is fast eroding us as groups out to create chaos and hate among the different communities are becoming rampant and doing so so blatantly as they seem to be protected.

The present unfavorable and unpleasant situation should not be allowed to continue.We need to safeguard the democratic system formulated by our fore-fathers for the well-being of our children and grand-children.

We cannot fight the might of the government and its machinery but we can show our displeasure in the strongest terms possible in the ballot box as provided for by the constitution.

The People of Permatang Pauh have a sacred duty to perform tomorrow which we hope all of them will do so with great wisdom and discern.Send a strong message that the we want a better,fairer and more accountable system.We want a government that will listen to the people and not one that will continue to abuse and suppress them,especially those who voice our interests in and outside parliament.

The Paermatang Pauh seat is no ordinary one as it represents the former Opposition Leader who has been sent to jail.It represents the seat of the man who founded Pakatan Rakyat and established it as a viable and formidable challenge to the BN.A win for Pakatan Rakyat candidate will send the right message of the people to the BN government of the badly needed reforms and change.

All Malaysians are looking up to the privileged voters of Permatang Pauh to do their duty on behalf of the 30 million fellow citizens.

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