Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

As our Malaysian Chinese welcome their Lunar New Year of the Goat, the nation is undergoing some great challenges in the racial and religious relations among the people of diverse ethnicity. The country that used to take great pride as an international showcase for inter-ethnic peace and harmony is today under serious threats of racial disharmony that threatens the peace and goodwill that Malaysians enjoyed for over five decades.

Over the last 2 years after the 13GE we have witnessed all sorts of racial provocations but fortunately Malaysians at large are matured and wise enough not to succumb to such incitement by irresponsible parties out to cause trouble.

The ordinary man on the street does not seem to be perturbed by these provocations but more preoccupied with their lives, making ends meet to feed his family, educate his children, provide medical care and proper shelter over their heads. The high cost of living has become the main problem not politicking for personal gains.

Everywhere we go we see blatant corruption, misgovernment and abuse of power. Not only the economy is shattered, the education system is in ruins, the law enforcers and judiciary subdued. Freedom of expression and criticism are curtailed and those with capabilities are denied opportunities to contribute to national development. To cover up all these inadequacies, certain parties are allowed to freely resort to racial and religious provocations. Those opposed to the ruling party are threatened with police action and lawsuits like the misuse of the Sedition Act.

Our Chinese friends are celebrating the New Year with great deal of anxiety and fear of the uncertainties that lie ahead. The economy is in chaos, their opportunities are being curtailed and all sorts of unfounded accusations are being thrown at them by those in power, blaming them for all the ills in the country that are more due to an incompetence and mismanagement.

We see a gloomy picture ahead but what happens next depends on us. We alone can determine our destiny. We must be the agents of change that we want to see around us. The most important thing to do now is to strengthen the goodwill among us, the people all races and religion, so that we will not succumb to those who are out to divide and break us. We must get rid of the racial tendencies and suspicion among us. History has shown that unless we stand up and fight the evil we will never win. Running away from it will not give us the victory Malaysia badly needs.

May this year of the Goat enhance the goodwill and peace among all Malaysians so that together we can work hand in hand fight the forces of evil and thereby help to build a better Malaysia for our children.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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