Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers must be responsible too

 Fathers must love the mother of his children

As we celebrated Father’s Day there was so much praise and thanksgiving being showered upon fathers for all they have done and are continuing to do for the children. It is indeed fitting and right to shower them with such praise as the vast majority of them really deserve such praise and gratitude. Most fathers are good, loving, caring and will do anything for their children.

In the midst of these great fathers are some who continue to be irresponsible and cause so much heartache and sorrow in their families. These arise due to the problems between fathers and mothers that leads to separation, divorce and bitter breakup of families. In this process the major losers are the children. Although there are many causes for these separation and divorce the saddest reason is religion differences. Of late there have been a number of cases where the father converts to another faith and in the process forces the conversion of their under aged children without the consent of the mother. This has caused tremendous uncertainties for the wife and children.

Although these cases are pending in the courts for an amicable solution but the problem of child custody remains a real issue for the children as they are torn between two people whom they love most in the world - their father and mother. It will be unfair to ask them to make choice between the two parents at that tender age as both of them mean the world to them. 

The underlying cause of this problem is the lack of love between father and mother. If only the father loves the mother which he promised whole heartedly when they got married, he will be able to compromise and come to an amicable solution of their marital disputes at least for the sake of their children. Why invoke the courts when the problem is your own making? Why the hatred and cruelty to the wife who he married out of love? Why the heart to cause so much misery for the children? 

In this regards a recent quote that impressed me goes like this, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” We can understand that at times separation and divorce are inevitable for many genuine reasons but why go through it with so much hate for the spouse? Can’t that be done in a more civilised away where all parties are agreeable and solved peacefully?
On this Father’s day it may be timely for such fathers to reflect on what they are doing to their wives and their children. All that is needed is a little love and consideration for the person whom they loved. All that is needed is a considerate mind and loving heart not to cause hardship to the children they love. 
 For the healthy development of a child to become a good and useful citizen later he needs            good parents and a family united in love. A father who loves the mother of his children will lead to the creation of a united and harmonious family. Embattled parents with broken families lead to problematic children who become a burden and threat to society.

A father can give his children all the money in the world, the expensive gifts, the best education and the most luxurious lives but above all these the more important thing is to give them good parents to make their lives more meaningful. He can only do this for his children by showing love for their mother whom they love most. The children are watching the way their father lives his life which will go a long way to determine how they will live theirs.   

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