Monday, May 19, 2014

Attack on nuns despicable


Just 2 days after Mother’s day when Malaysians  honored their mothers for all their sacrifices, two peaceful elderly women were brutally assaulted leaving one of them critically ill. The terrible part of the incident was that the two elderly women are nuns and they were attacked in the premises of the church where they went to pray.

The brutal attack on the elderly women, Sister Julianna Lim, 69 and Sister Marie Rose 79,is not just a cruel one but also an indication of lawlessness that is fast spreading in our society due to unhealthy political rivalry. It is extremely sad to note that the woman were nuns who had devoted their lives to teaching and have contributed greatly to the education of Malaysians of all race and creed. Despite the good track record as useful citizens, they were clobbered like hardcore criminals.

While one of the victims is seriously injured and fighting for her life in the intensive care unit, it is shocking that the police have taken it rather lightly. Instead of coming hard on the assailants, it appeared to be so complacent as to write off the incident as act of petty robbery. This is totally irresponsible of them especially at a time of heightened inter-faith tensions in the country.

Apart from the apathy police reaction we are extremely disappointed with our top leaders who have chosen to remain silent on this heinous attack on peaceful and unarmed elderly women. They are doing nothing to allay the fears of the people about their safety and the mounting inter-ethnic tensions. They are doing nothing to reassure peaceful and law-abiding citizens in particular the senior citizens of their peace and security. They failed to appreciate these elderly nuns who have contributed so much to the education of the Malaysians over so any years.

If useful ordinary citizens cannot be safe in their own country and protected by their own leaders, where can they go to for their safety? If the police do not go all out to protect its citizens, what is going to happen to law and order in the country? All citizens regardless of race and creed have a rightful place in the country and unless their rights can be protected by the government of the day, it will only lead to lawlessness and chaos.

As we stand helpless waiting and hoping for the recovery of Sisters Juliana and Mari Rose, let’s pray for peace and goodwill in our beloved country. Let’s pray that people of goodwill from all races and creed, in particular our Muslim brethren; will rise above race, religion and politics to defend the peace and harmony that we have nurtured together over the years.

 The Church of the Visitation,Serembam

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