Monday, December 30, 2013

Useful Lessons in 2013

Every day we learn something new from our experiences which offer the best lessons in life. The year 2013 was no different as it was full of challenges that made me wiser and better equipped to deal problems better. The lessons I learned from my experiences in 2013 may be classified into 4 main categories.

1. The family unit, the greatest investment. The family is the most important institution for us. The family unit is the source of our happiness or sorrow. Therefore we must make special efforts, spend time, money and energy to cultivate and preserve the unity in the family. We may not see the results of that unity immediately but definitely much later when the children grow up and bring in their own problems.

Our parents play a very important role and it important that we give due importance to their values, wide experience and age. Only time will prove what they are doing is right for us. When they are old and sickly treat them with love, respect and dignity. What we are today is because of what they did yesterday. When they are gone, cherish every moment we had with them.

2. Anger and love. Anger never solves any problem, it only makes them worse. Every problem can be solved with love but often for love to produce the desired results we need a lot of patience and hope that may be a real time of trial.

3. Retire gracefully. As we grow older we also grow in wisdom and this wisdom should make us leave the scene gracefully allowing the younger generation to manage their problems as things change making us less relevant. As we touch the sixties, we enter an era of wisdom and experience that should be used for the benefit of the younger generation.

Wisdom is gained more through mistakes and failures rather than well planned successes

4. Doing good. We must do good always but must be careful not to do so much as others may take advantage of our goodness and become suspicious of our motives. While doing good may have its limits never do bad for whatever reason

A very happy and successful New Year to all

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