Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An inspirational story of a mother

I am not your diver

There was once a mother who had a son whom she loved very much. She showered all her love on him and did all she could to educate him and make him a successful graduate and with a good job. The son was a very nice person, very caring for the mother and the family, until he fell into bad company when he started to rebel and disobey his mother.

Despite the mother trying to change him, the son refused and continued with his bad behavior with his friends. One day the mother was sick and wanted to go to the hospital but she was too weak to drive. She called the son and requested him to drive her to the hospital. She was shocked to hear what he had to say, “Call for a taxi, I am not your driver”. He then continued with what he was doing.

The mother was so hurt that that she went to bed after taking some of her own medication. She glanced through an album containing photos taken when his son was young. One of the photos showed her sleeping on the floor beside her young son lying in hospital bed when he was 15 years old after undergoing some surgery. As she looked at the photo tears started rolling down her cheeks and she slept never to wake up again.

The next morning, realizing his mother did not prepare his breakfast, he went into her room to look for her. To his surprise he saw her dead. He looked at old photo of him with her that she was holding in her arms. Even at her death she thought of nothing but him. He cried and cried for not having taken her to the hospital as she requested. He regretted how rudely he rejected her plea to take her to the hospital.

It was all too late. His mother was gone never to return again.

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