Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Darmendran’s assailants charged for murder


NONEThere was much relief with the charging of the three police personnel were charged in a magistrate's court in Kuala Lumpur today with the murder of N Dhamendran while he was being held in their custody. The offence carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.
Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail commended the Royal Malaysian Police for its swift action to address the death of Dhamendran, which is a serious issue that questions the integrity of police force. In fact it should be the right thinking and concerned Malaysian public and the social media that should be praised for forcing the police to act fast.
By the way it is just the beginning and we hope the trial will be carried out fairly so that justice can be done to the family of the deceased victim and the accused trio. It will also help improve the morale of the majority of dedicated police personnel who will not condone such atrocities committed by fellow colleagues.
We hope such quick action will deter other such irresponsible police personnel from carrying such brutal acts on detainees under their care as no body should allowed to take the law into their own hands.
The next question for the authorities is how many others in the police force show similar aggressive tendencies towards suspected criminals. The Darmendran case may be just the tip of the iceberg. Going by the mere number of deaths in custody, I am sure there are many more such irresponsible and abuse police personnel who should be weeded out and action taken to either counsel or even sack them from the police force.
It is sad to know that are young police personnel in our forces who resort to such brutal assaults on fellow Malaysian detained for investigation.The large number of custodial deaths is a clear indication that not all is well with our police force. Much needs to done to provide better education and training for the new recruits and upgrade the services to a more acceptable level of professionalism. They should be guided by only the laws not ethnic, religious and political prejudices in carrying out their duties.

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