Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LKS risks to initiate political tsunami


The decision by Lim Kit Siang, the DAP advisor and veteran opposition leader, comes as no surprise from a politician of his caliber. This is not the first time he has chosen to take such risks but this is the first time his risk is most significant in changing the political landscape of the country. His willingness to contest in the high risk Gelang Patah seat in Johor may well initiate a political tsunami from the south that could result in a win for Pakatan Rakyat for the first time in the history of the nation. We salute LKS  for his boldness to take that risk which not many politicians will be willing to undertake.

At 72years he knows very well that this may his last chance to serve the nation as an MP. He knows well too that a win in this crucial election could earn him the post of DPM. He could have chosen a much safer seat to ensure success but instead he has opted for the more difficult path to bring change to the whole nation.

In his words "This is not an easy battle... but it is worth (fighting for) as it is for our goal, as well as for the nation and people,” he admits the monumental task ahead and he is prepared to face the challenge. Yes, it is not easy but he has chosen the path that he believes will bring good to the nation and the people.

The Getang Patah seat in Johor is a stronghold of MCA and BN and Pakatan has lost it with comfortable majorities in 2004 and 2008.LKS is going to have a tough time against the might of the BN this time around as defeating him will be in their own home ground will be a big moral booster for MCA and BN.

We wish him every success and pray that the people of Gelang Patah, will rise above race and creed, put aside their differences and reward this exemplary Malaysian for all his sacrifices to the country for over 4 decades.

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