Monday, December 03, 2012

Our Education System Today

A lesson from the Animal Kingdom

Some animals in a forest decided to start a school. The students included a bird, a squirrel, a fish, a dog, a rabbit and a mentally retarded eel. A board was formed to determine the curriculum and it was decided that flying, tree climbing, swimming and burrowing would give a broad-based education. All animals were required to take the subjects.

The bird was excellent at flying and was getting A's but when it came to burrowing, it kept breaking its beak and wings and started failing. Pretty soon, it started making C's in flying and, of course, in tree climbing and swimming it was getting F's.

The squirrel was great at tree climbing, but was failing in swimming. The fish was best swimmer but couldn't get out of water and thus got F's in everything else.

The dog didn't join the school, stopped paying fees and kept fighting with the administration to include barking as part of the curriculum.

The rabbit got A's in burrowing but tree climbing was a real problem. It kept falling and landing on its head, suffered brain damage, and soon couldn't even burrow properly and got C's in that too.

The mentally retarded eel, who did everything half as well, became the valedictorian of the class. The board was happy because everybody was getting a broad-based education.

A true broad-based education prepares students for life, without losing their areas of specialization and competence.

Who is an educated person?
A true broad-based education prepares students for life, without losing their areas of specialization and competence.
     We are All Gifted with Some Strengths

1.The small size of the humming bird, weighing only tenth of an ounce, gives it the flexibility to perform complicated maneuvers, such as beating its wings 75 times a second. This enables the humming bird to drink nectar from flowers while hovering, but it cannot soar, glide or hop.

2.The ostrich, at 300 pounds, is the largest bird, but it can't fly. However, its legs are so strong that it can run at up to 50 miles per hour, taking strides of 12-15 feet.
3.Educated persons are those who choose wisely and courageously under any circumstances.

 If they choose between wisdom over foolishness, good over bad, virtue over vulgarity, regardless of the academic degrees they have, then they are educated.

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