Monday, October 15, 2012

Fear of Christian state unfounded

How can 10% take over the power?

Recently there have been accusations that some Christian groups are planning to set up a Christian state in Malaysia. This fear is not only unfounded but most ridiculous as pointed out by none other than a senior member of PAS, Mujahid Yusof Rawa’s who is a central committee member of the party. His dismissal of the possibility of Christians setting up a Christian state as their believers consist of only 9.2% which is a tiny fraction of the country’s population is very logical and reassuring especially coming from a member of an Islamist party that was long thought to be fundamentalist.(
Why the fear for Christians who form just 9.2% of the population? Is there a real threat of a Christian state or is it being spread by irresponsible people to win votes? How can 10% of the population take over power in democratically conducted elections? These are the questions which the voters must consider before they cast their votes come the 13GE.

It is reassuring that at least our friends in PAS have the courage to speak out against this abnormal “fear” of their fellow Muslims for Christians Malaysians who just want the freedom to practice their faith in peace and harmony as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

We do not leaders who will blindly support their own people for political gains even when they are wrong. We do not want leaders who will not hesitate to instill hatred for one another as long as they can cling on power. On the other hand, we want leaders, like Mujahid who are moderate and considerate of the rights of all groups in the country - Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We need leaders who will defend the rights of all Malaysians regardless of their race or creed even at times of disputes and crisis. Unfortunately we do not see such leaders in Umno-BN today like we used to before.

It is ironical that PAS which was portrayed as the enemy of the non-Muslims before is indeed become their friend and a comrade in their struggles for justice and equality. We hope PAS continues to be a moderating partner in the political development in the country, to ensure peace and stability, as we are poised for the possible change of government.

It is time for Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and members of all other religions to put aside their differences and together get rid of all those who propagate racism and religious fanaticism in the country. Let’s together get rid of those who pit one community against another in their political game remain in power.

There is enough for everyone under the Malaysian sun. All we need is to share it out fairly among all. There is no need to fight one another.

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