Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bravo to Lee Chong Wei

Bravo to Lee Chong Wei

Despite not having fully recovered from injury, Datuk Lee Chong Wei(LCW), rose up to the occasion to give everything he had in trying his best to bring glory to the nation. We salute him for doing everything within his means to earn a medal for the nation at the London Olympics. Unfortunately it could not be a Gold as we would have preferred but a Silver.

His participation in the London Olympics and the final encounter with Lin Dan of China united Malaysians of all race and creed to rally behind and support him in his endeavor to win a Gold for the nation. Such unity is indeed one of the best benefits sports can offer us.It was one of the rare occasions where we forget our differences and unite as Malaysians. How wonderful it would be to have such sporting events more often?

Touched by the over-whelming support from all Malaysians, LCW has pledged to try again for a Gold in the next Olympics in 2016.While we appreciate LCW's enthusiasm to win Gold for the nation, I think it is time for the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to wake up and rise above politics and seriously search for more young talents in badminton. Being a leading badminton nation, it is a nothing to be proud off to just produce one star in many years. We should by now be like China, able to produce many stars to replace the aging ones.

Can the BAM do that? I am sure it can if it has the will and right approach. We do not have to offer millions for a Gold medal but the right appreciation for the sacrifices of our sportsmen and sports women. In fact over-commercialization of any sport will only be detrimental in the long term.  

We have the talents, we have the money and we have the means to excel in almost all the sports but do we have the will to adopt the right approach without commercial and political interference? Whether we reach the top and join the ranks of other advanced nations depends very much on us, our own talents, expertise and sacrifices, as no outside force can help us to achieve excellence without a hefty price.

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