Friday, June 29, 2012

If Ambiga should be hanged who can be spared?

  Fear of losing brings out the worst from BN

At a time when the world is calling for the abolishing of the death penalty even for hardcore criminals, a lawmaker from the ruling party in Malaysia is calling for that sentence for a woman who led her fellow citizens in demanding clean, fair and free elections.
The call by Umno MP for Sri Gading, Mohamad Aziz for Bersih 3.0 co-chair S. Ambiga to be hanged for treason is the most uncivilized and irresponsible behavior of an elected representative. All peace-loving Malaysians regardless of race and political affiliation must condemn it. It reflects the real fear within the ruling party in facing the coming general elections, being willing to resort to whatever means available to it stay in power, does not matter whether it is right or wrong.

If Ambiga should be hanged for leading Bersih to demand for clean, fair and free elections, what should we do to those who siphon billions of ringgit belonging to the people, blatantly abuse their power to detain people without trial and causing hurt and even death of those who oppose them and those who pit one race against another for political survival?

The vast majority of Malaysians salute Ambiga for her brave and uncompromising stand in the call for clean and fair elections, for her courage to stand up to the powers that be and those who chose to intimidate and insult her. Being a member of a minority group she is fully aware of the powers of the forces arrayed against her but that did not deter her from standing up for justice. It is unfortunate that instead of praising her courage and patriotism, she is being victimized for the very virtue that many, even the top leaders lack.

The quick retraction of his statements is an indication that Mohamad Aziz is well aware that what he said was wrong. He may just be a member of parliament but coming Umno his statements have a far-reaching implications. It reflects the inner thinking of Umno regarding the state of non-Malays in the country whom they regard as ‘pendatang’. It could imply a deep-seated anger and hatred towards these perceived “pendatangs” and the unfounded fear that they are going to lose their political power and wealth to them.

This is really regrettable, occurring after 54 years of independence and self-rule by the BN. More disturbing is the fact the top leadership of the ruling party fail to condemn such irresponsible behavior of their own members, let alone acting firmly against such perpetrators.

The BN has repeatedly failed to protect the interests and rights of its citizens, in particular those of the minority communities. However its leaders continue to court them for their support in the coming elections, which to my mind is absurd. Why should the people support them when they are being continuously insulted, abused and their constitutional rights trampled upon?

With every passing day, the BN is losing its credibility among the people as the protector of their legitimate rights and the guardian of their hard earned money. The BN in particular Umno, the dominant partner, must have a hard look at what they have been are doing to the people, the country and its economy over the last four years after the people in no uncertain terms told them to change or be prepared to be changed.

The coming 13GE has brought out the best and the worst in the major political parties and their leaders.At a recent ceramah by PAS,it was so heartening to see speaker after speaker from PAS affectionately referring to Amiga as "Kakak Ambiga"  and it was most reassuring to hear them say "Ambiga adalah saudari kita" whereas Umno considers her a traitor who should be hung for waging war against the king and country.Who would  the people vote for in such a situation?

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