Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr.Jayakumar’s arrest a travesty of justice

Punishing the one who should be rewarded

YB Dr. Michael Jayakumar,as I know him, is a man of great concern for the down trodden and the marginalised Malaysians.He has sacrificed a greater part of his life and career for uplifting the poor in our society.

He hails from a very distinguished family - Uncle was the late Tan Sri Professor Dr.T.J.Danaraj,the founder Dean of the University Malaya Medical Faculty.He was well respected by all in the medical fraternity for his tireless efforts to build the Medical faculty to become a leading medical institution in the region and the Commonwealth.

Dr. Jayakumar's father, Datuk Dr.Devaraj, was no less prominent, the Penang State Physician for many years who had rendered valuable services to the people of Penang.

Dr.Jayakumar himself was a dedicated Chest Physician in Ipoh for many years. His concern for the poor patients was obvious even as a medical officer when he used to visit the remote areas and participate in many health camps for the poor. At a time when as young doctors we loved luxurious lives and fleshy cars, Dr.Jayakumar used to drive his old second hand Volkwagon to the many estates in providing free medical services to the poor.

Till today he is known for his extra-ordinary passion for the poor and marginalised in our society.His "Mission Impossible" victory in the last GE when he unseated the former MIC president in Sungai Siput,Perak was mainly due to the support of the ordinary citizens who look up to him as a man of high integrity, concern and care for them. He managed to secure a special place in the hearts of the poor and marginalised Malaysians.

The government has made a great mistake in arresting a man of such virtuous character. The charge that he was attempting to revive the Communist Party and waging a war against the Agung is most disturbing and least convincing of a man of his stature; a caring and dedicated physician, an elected MP, a ardent worker for the welfare of the poor and most of all a good and decent human.

Detaining such a great man under deplorable conditions for such extreme charges without proper evidence is unbecoming of a government that claims to uphold the principles of democracy and rule of law. The government should reward him for the contributions to the people not punish him for doing what we should all be doing as responsible citizens.

It is difficult to understand how many corrupt leaders and hardcore criminals are allowed to freely roam our streets but a dedicated doctor and social worker becomes a threat to the King and country and has to be detailed under draconian laws meant for terrorists.

As concerned and peace-loving Malaysians, we call upon the IGP, Home Minister and the Prime Minister to immediately free YB Dr.Jayakumar and his friends immediately unconditionally. Failing to do so will only undermine the already declining support of the people for the government.

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