Friday, December 31, 2010

Year 2011 – Adopting a multiracial mindset

We alone decide our destiny

Malaysia like all nations had her share of problems and challenges in the year 2010.Despite these problems by enlarge the year was a peaceful one without any major untoward catastrophes, either natural or man-made. As usual there were attempts by certain quarters to stir racial and religious sentiments but the vast majority of Malaysians of all races revealed their maturity and wisdom to ignore these provocations thereby sustaining the peace and racial harmony in the country.

Despite attempts to improve the race relations in the country with the 1Malaysia concept, ethnic relations continue to pose a real threat to the peace and harmony in the country, which had been painstakingly built by our forefathers and sustained by us for the last 53 years. However it is encouraging to know that the increasing maturity and wisdom of the people will not allow the unity attained to disintegrate to result in chaos. This is the most promising asset that our nation has today.

The year 2011 promises another year of excitement and challenges for the country especially as the 13th General Elections are speculated to take place. The nation would be at the crossroads where the people would have to decide their destiny. A two-party system of governance that is taking shape would be the main issue in contention. It will be a major test of the people’s wisdom and we are sure they are ready to rise up to the occasion to make the all important decision if and when the time comes.

Regardless of their ethnicity there is a need for Malaysians to continue promoting at a deeper level better understanding, tolerance and above all respect for the cultural and religious differences among the people of diverse ethnicity. There is a need to adopt a mindset that despite our differences we are all citizens, here to stay for good or bad and with equal stake in the fortunes and misfortunes of the country. There is a need to adopt a mindset with multiracial outlook whereby we are prepared to respect and defend the rights of all Malaysians wherever and whenever there are breached.

As we step into the second decade of the new millennium, let us resolve to strive to enhance the good we have inherited. Let us resolve not to succumb to the evil motives of the minority but be steadfast in our efforts to build a united, modern and prosperous nation that our descendants will be proud of. Our destiny is in our hands and we alone must decide that with great wisdom and maturity.

Happy Near year 2011

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