Friday, March 13, 2009

The Abdullah-Anwar meeting

Political unity vital to save nation

I refer to “Abdullah: It was just a chance meeting with Anwar” (Star,March 12).
The so called meeting between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim created much sensation on the political front. It appears that not only politicians but the majority of Malaysians were taken aback by the meeting between the top leaders of the government and the opposition which is not a common practice in our country. Their meeting led to various speculations that may be largely unfounded as claimed by both the leaders.

However there is no reason for the Prime Minister to be apologetic for meeting the Opposition leader or for that matter any other individual, political or otherwise. It is his right and responsibility to meet and dialogue with anyone if it is for the good of the country. The ruling party and the opposition may have totally different, at times even antagonistic, views on many issues but they should be united in their aim to serve the rakyat and no efforts should be spared in this endeavor including meeting with political rivals.

Pak Lah’s meeting with Anwar may be coincidental but it should be lesson for other political leaders from both ruling and opposition parties, particularly his successor and his team waiting to take over, that they should treat each other as comrades in their service to the people and not adversaries just waiting to undermine each other for political power. The ruling party should accept the opposition in accordance with the principles as its partner in promoting good governance, ethic unity, development and progress in the country.

It is regrettable that today politics has become a game where the rules are based on “ends justify the means” attitude. In this game there is little consideration for ethics, morals and rule of law. Corruption in the form of huge monetary handouts has become rampant and sadly such practices are threatening to become norms. Government machinery and institutions are monopolized by those in power against the opposition which is blatantly denied justice, airplay and their rightful dues.

It is time to adopt a change in political mindset to accept the opposition as also the legitimate representatives of the people and granting them the due rights and privileges. In today’s global world it is of utmost importance that all parties unite and pool their resources, talents and energy to meet the challenges facing the country. This particularly so at a time when the world economic crisis is threatening to hit our shores resulting in thousands losing the jobs.

Only good governance, prudent spending, political stability and with the cooperation of all parties will we be able rescue our nation from this economic crisis. This crisis may be a blessing in disguise as it provides the opportunity for Malaysians of all races, religion and political ideology to close ranks and work together to come out of the financial woes. Once we emerge successfully out of our present predicament we will only be stronger, more united and resilient to meet all future challenges; political, social and financial.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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Anonymous said...

In summary - I agree with the Blog author's sentiments.

Malaysians at large want a more mature political system. They want bipartanship where there are matters of health, education, security are concerned.

They want politicians to be mature & civil both in parliament/senate/state assembly & out of it.

Yet when the PM and the Opposition leader are sighted at a common fuction, there are major hoo-ahh - WHY?

It's perfectly normal in the so-called "Western world" where politicians from both sides meet, greet and enjoy comradeship outside their political sphere. Why not in Malaysia.

PM Abdullah probably knew his opposite number was attending the function, as with Anwar. And when they can continue to attend the function and sit at a common table, APPRECIATE IT!

Don't make an issue or sensationalise it.

As I keep saying - PM Abdullah is a bigger person than most people would give him credit for.

His worth and contributions will be seen years after his retirement.

And his ability to be above pettyness is already visible with his approach to handling his former boss' mad rants...

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