Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A sad day for the nation

Anwar to be charged tomorrow (Malaysiakini,August 6)

Tomorrow,August 7 2008,will indeed be another black day for Malaysia.August is the month of merdeka,a month to celebrate our freedom from the colonialists but this August is a month where our rights and freedom are once again snatched away from us by the powers that rule us.

After all these years we have a great man and leader in the form of Anwar Ibrahim,who fought for justice and fairness for all Malaysians.The people were beginning to trust him as their leader who could deliver them out of their financial crisis,pain and tormrnts. Without an iota of evidence,the man who threatened to expose the mighty and powerful , is being charged for a heinious crime which is almost impossible to prove.

Imagine a 61yr.old man with spinal surgery for spinal stenosis sodomising(raping) a 23 year old young man.Is it humanly possible?

Let us all,regardless of our race and religious believes,pray that God will grant justice to Anwar and the nation.Let us ask God to give him the courage and strength to endure these "persecutions" that are just temporary setbacks as truth will prevail in the near future.

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