Thursday, July 17, 2008

Police mull court action to get DNA

Police mull court action to get DNA(Malaysiakini)

The police does not seem to learn from past experiences.They are not interested to change their ways to serve the people better.They are least interested to gain the confidence of the people whom they are paid to serve.

The problem of DSAI refusing to give his DNA sample to them is because he does not have confidence in their integrity.This was based on his past personal experiences with them.Ten years have passed and it appears that they have still not heeded the call to be transparent,professional and truly independent in their dealings.

This time around instead of trying to change so as to gain the people's confidence,they are trying to force DSAI to submit to their demands by a court order.It may solve their problem for now but will it resore their integrity which is slowly eroding by each passing day?

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