Monday, May 12, 2008

Anwar defends morality of crossovers

Anwar defends morality of crossovers (Malaysiakini)

Anwar is very right about the issue of morality of political cross-overs.

UMNO is desperate and is resorting to unethical tactics to split the Pakatan. These are

1. race and religious politics - instilling ill-feeling among the races
2. bringing in the royalty into politics and hiding behind them
3.depriving the PR states their dues,cutting the projects and allocations
4.Refusing to heed the call of the people to release ISA detainees and abolish ISA
5.refusing freedom of expression,
and many more.The list is endless.

We must change the Federal government id we want to implement fresh policies that are fair to all races.I think we have no choice but to accept cross-overs to form the new government.It would be for the benefit of all.

We have no option but save the nation from going into ruins.The only way out is to form a new government.We cannot expect reforms by the very regime that caused all the problems.

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Anonymous said...

Like a decomposing corpse, the maggots are fattening, the sight most nauseating, the stench impossible to bear; that's what the rakyat have to put up with.

Just hope the Sabah Sarawak MPs will decide quickly and give all of us and themselves a new beginning.

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