Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samy: Racist mindset drowned BN

Samy Velu's comments that racist mindset drowned BN has come a bit too late.This was not the Indians were unhappy with and complaining all these years but he and his MIC refused to accept.He kept insisting that all is well with the Indian community.

Indians were denied places in the universities,in civil service,police and armed forces but he denied there was discrimination against them.The dwindling number of Indians in civil service did not cause any alarm to him and the MIC because the MIC-putras were taken care of.Why bother about the majority of Indians who are unemployed?

When crime rate among Indians was escalating,Samy blamed the Indians for resorting to gangsterism and alcoholism.The root cause,unemployment was not talcked.When the estates disintegrated what opportunities were provided for the Indians?

Samy Vellu now says while the government is not discriminatory, those in the civil service are.Who forms the government?The BN of course.Why doesn't the BN government check these errant and racist civil servants?Isn't he ashamed to admit that "some of them don't consider us (non-Malays) as Malaysians".What did the MIC and MCA do?

The inaction on the part of the MIC and BN resulted in the birth of 'Makkal Sakthi' that caused the political tsunami on March 8 2008.

The recent elections have opened the eyes of many except those in BN particularly Umno.Racial politics must make way for a more multiracial approach.This is not the opinion of Indians but the Malays and Chinese as well.

The people may not have loved PKR,PAS or DAP when they voted but now they are beginning to love them because they have put aside all the differences between them to unite to serve the people regardless of race or religion.They have realised that is what the people want and they are willing to put the people's interests above their party's.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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