Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why deny BN 2/3 majority? Part 1

Electoral Delineation Exercise

There are hundreds of reasons why any government must not be given absolute power.History has shown that absolute power often corrupts even the most righteous.

We are all aware of what electoral delineation had done to our voting system.Despite obtaining 60% of the votes the oppostion could not deny the BN its 2/3 majority.

The next deliniation exercise is in 2 years time.This time it will be again be more favourable to the BN making it almost impossible for the BN to lose any future election or deny it 2/3 majority.

The government needs a 2/3 majority in parliament to pass any delineation bill.If we want to stop any unfair electoral delineation we must deny them 2/3 majority.

If we want to safeguard our rights we should never give any party a 2/3 majority - it is like giving chem a blank cheque to fill in as they like,like sending man to the moon,opening corridors all over,purchasing submarines and so on.The list is endless.

Come March 8,let's vote in more opposition to deny the BN absolute power to do as it pleases.Without such power the ruling party has to come back to us for support whenever they make major decisions.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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The Hedonese said...

Ok no more complaining in mamak stalls, let's send email, sms and phone call our frens and relatives and urge the fence sitters to send BN a clear message on March 8

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