Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gruesome murder a barbaric act

Lawlessness and chaos on the rise

Just recently the nation was horrified by the gruesome murder of four-year old Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying.Not only she was murdered; her body was fragmented and strewn in a number of places. Before we could recover from that horror, we are witnessing the gruesome murder of another child and her body stuffed into a sports bag.

These barbaric acts are a shame to all Malaysians. We must condemn in the strongest possible way this highly cruel murder of innocent and helpless children. We hope the police and system of justice find the murderers and mete out the severest form of punishment on these heartless criminals.

I dread to imagine the cries of agony and anguish of these children during the final moments of their death. The thought of that scenario may bring tears in the eyes of even the most tyrant parents.

Of late such gruesome crimes appear to be on the rise which does not auger well for the future of our nation. We claim to be a nation of caring, peace loving and morally upright people but in actual fact are we? These horrible murders indicate othersiwse.In fact they reflect the total lack of morals and respect for human lives in our society today.

Something has seriously gone wrong with our of education system which has failed to inculcate good values in the young, thereby resulting in a society that is mentally and morally sick. It is time to review the flaws in our education system and take steps to instill good universal values in our children from an early age. Violence of any kind for whatever reason should never be condoned and justified by anyone.

Of late we are seeing a rise in religious fervour among Malaysians of all faiths, but sadly this does not seem to be really helping to reduce the crime rate in the country. On the contrary, a lawless and chaotic society is emerging that is threatening the peace and harmony, a national pride, which we have been enjoying all these while.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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