Thursday, April 05, 2007

Responsible police vital to rakyat

Police are public servants too

I refer to your report “Family of victim claims cops insulted them”(Star March 21, 2007).

If the allegations of the family of kidnap victim,Tengku Adhwa Syafinas, are true the police officers responsible are in severe breach of discipline and the authorities should come hard on the. At a time when our new IGP a has pledged to restore full confidence in the Royal Malaysian Police the lackadaisical attitude of these police officers are what we least require.

Such irresponsible and insensitive behaviour should not be tolerated. Appropriate action must be taken immediately to arrest such behaviour from spreading among other members of our police force.

I am sure such irresponsible officers are few but the action of this small number could tarnish the good reputation of the whole police force and jeopardize the efforts of the IGP.

Whether the victim is a drug addict or involved in undesirable activities is not the issue. The real issue here is that a crime is being reported by a member of the public. The police, as the guardian of security of the rakyat, should act swiftly to protect and save the public from danger and not act as both the judge and executor of justice.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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