Monday, February 12, 2007

Police prsence deters crime

Physical presence deters crime

It is indeed reassuring that the police and other government agencies are going all out to check crime and make our roads safe during the comming festive season. Their zeal to do that is apparent in implementing the Ops Limau and Ops Sikap XII.

As the members of the public, whose welfare and safety are utmost in the hearts of the enforcing agencies, we too must cooperate fully with them to make these operations a real success. Without our heartfelt cooperation all their efforts will be only in vain.

The idea of placing police officers on express buses is an ingenious one and should be commended. There is no doubt; the presence of the police on buses will enforce some degree of discipline on the roads. It is however equally important to ensure police presence along the highways and roads as well if we really want to reduce significantly the road accidents.

Similarly deploying more police personnel to patrol our neighborhoods is also worthy of praise. This would definitely keep the criminals at bay thereby creating a sense of security and confidence among the people.

From the initial response to these actions of our police is very encouraging. It can be concluded that the mere physical presence if police personnel is enough to instill discipline and stop errant divers on our roads. The site of police in our neighborhoods is enough in many instances to allay our fears and boost our confidence. It is also the best deterrent for would be criminals and thugs.

We hope these preventive actions of the police and other agencies would not be confined to just festive seasons but become a standard practice throughout the year until a time when the people attain a more disciplined and civic minded culture as a way of life.

To maintain an effective physical presence all the time may be costly and riddled with numerous problems and constraints but I bet it would be an investment that will never be regretted for generations to come.

Dr.Chris Anthony


I agree that the physical presence of the police do in a way deter crimes, nab a few errant motorists but however not an effective long term solution to why/what causes these terrible accidents and total waste of innocent lives. The News reporting alsd missed one vital piece of info - In fatal accidents, were the ppl in the car all wearing seat belts? Was the motorcyclist wearing a helmet properly buckled? Was the baby strapped in baby car seats at that time? This info not only provide a more accurate statistic but a valuable education tool and a constant reminder to all on the road the legal requirements of seabelts & helmets. In NZ & Australia all fatal road accidents are attended by apart from the police, the coroner,the crash scene unit but also the road planners to try and reconstruct & determine the probable cause of the accident.Apart from the obvious - speed, alcohol,not wearing seatbelts or helmets, it may be caused by any faults of the road eg dangerous incline/bends or even damaged seal.

"For our police force to mantain an effective physical presence all the time may be costly and riddled with numerous problems and constraints but I bet it would be an investment that will never be regretted for generations to come"

With the mentality of many motorist here, the best investment for generations to come is education, education and education. The drivers of today are the product of yesteryears, learning and observing their parents/elders ways of bad driving habits. The drivers of tomorrow will be the children of today watching the bad habits of parents drivers today!

Typical remarks.

No need seatbelts here lah - no police. Hello, do we wear seatbelts for the police? Seatbelts and helmets are to protect yourself and your love ones.

Everyday observation.
Dad on a bike, one sometimes two young child behind him and then wife at the rear. All not wearing helmets! You don't need to be speeding to cause serious head injuries or possible death if the bike falls over esp young children.

My guess is, it will take at least two generations to change the mentality, get rid of these bad habits, observe the road rules, drive in a responsible/orderly manner and respect other motorist on the road.

This is just one bug bear amongst others which badly affects our everday life in this country aiming for developed nation status and the list continues.....
So forget about 2020.Try 3020!


By kiwimy,

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