Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Harness the energy in UNITY

I refer to the report “Sultan tells of his vision for Selangor” (Star December 12).

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s vision for Selangor and His Majesty’s desire to see every child born in his state to be given a hope, that with dedicated efforts, they, too, have a chance to make their dreams come true is very encouraging. We hope that this vision be extended to include every child born in this beautiful country of ours and not Selangor alone.

Malaysia has gone through tremendous changes and has achieved a high level of economic, social and spiritual development which we are all proud of. As the Sultan of Selangor says there are many areas that still need to be improved to ensure that the citizens of various races could live good and comfortable lives.

We should not stop here but continue to build on our achievements to reach much greater heights. In this struggle the talents of all citizens should be full tapped. Everyone’s contribution, however small it may be, is invaluable and should not be underestimated or ignored.

Everyone regardless of his race and religion should be given the opportunities to strive for a stake in the fortunes of the nation. The global world today is very competitive and challenging, with unfair advantage to the rich and powerful nations, who have total monopoly over the economic and political systems.

To succeed we need to pool all the resources at our disposal especially the human capital so that we can put up a reasonable challenge against these giants of the world. Our diversity of cultures makes us unique. It offers us the source of strength that others do not possess. If only we can unite as Malaysians we should be able to harness the insurmountable energy that no one can match.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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